A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

* demo version, full game soon*

A game about a Magical Enby Boy who explores their gender expression while fighting transphobia with their magical powers and sense of retort.

Put your magical outfit on, take your pretty wand and stand up against the transphobic bigots on the street, on the Internet and in your daily life. And be careful, sadly being queer doesn't protect anyone from being an asshole...

The full game will include : more enemies to defeat (including gendered toilets), more magical outfits, more queer friends and talks about queer communities, madness and plural pride, sanism, administrative transphobia, transphobia at the workplace,

Please take note that this game depicts transphobic discourses in order to condemn, take care of yourself and stay safe.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tagsmad, magicalenby, magicalgirl, Queer, Transgender, transphobia, Wizards


Magical Enby against transphobia_win.exe 84 MB
Magical Enby against transphobia_linux.zip 44 MB
Magical Enby against transphobia_mac.zip 69 MB


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This was incredibly cathartic to play, can't wait for more content soon!


love this


The part about people calling nb people not trans because they dress too feminine hits hard. I'm high fem nb and sometimes I wonder if I'm a fraud. I'm like the Pokemon Pheromosa, my high-fem agender icon. Thank you for this game. It's very cathartic!

I love to just meet another queer person and say hi, the game makes it feel very good too!

After the second time I found the other nonbinary person I ended up on a brown background and I couldn't tell if I was still moving or if i hit a dead end

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Is it made with Ren'py?

no, with Godot 4 (beta version)

Thank you. I shall give it a try soon. 😊


The illustrations are cute and it's a good representation of the kinds of discrimination and microaggressions nonbinary people face (even from people in the lgbtq+ community).

whenever i load the game, it just stays on a white screen with magical enby on the left and nothing interactable

Thanks for telling me, on which version is it ? (I tested only the windows ans mac exports, I don't have a linux computer)
I will upoad another versions in a few days anyway, I hope this bug will disapear

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I'm getting the same thing on Windows with the .exe I downloaded just now.

Edit: Nevermind. Arrow keys. Maybe add a dialog bubble that says to use arrow keys?

I added this, thanks for the feedback :)